“Movement, emotion & rhythm are expressions of life and this is what I want to celebrate with my photography. At the same time there are moments that reveal in their stillness and silence an entire universe.”


I’m a photographer & self-confessed wedding-junkie currently based in Bangalore, India.

My journey with photography has been one that has shaped the way I see. I have come to realise that once you start seeing the world in pictures, you frame things with your eyes with a higher consciousness of your surroundings (with or without the camera!).

Having lived in 10 cities & 22 homes in my 27 years on this Universe, I can easily say I have the soul of a gypsy and also that the range of human emotions leave me in a constant state of amazement.

I also happen to love love. A wedding is a celebration of LOVE. See where I’m going with that? ; )

Weddings don’t just make me feel like I’ve been gifted a plethora of emotions on a silver platter (sometimes literally!); but also give me an opportunity to travel far and wide, witness the diversity of cultures & people & food & life.

I consider myself lucky to have been given this opportunity to communicate my vision, my way of seeing beauty to you & I hope you like it.

Apart from creating photos, I love holidaying with my people, cuddling with my dogs or a good book, music festivals, long conversations about everything & nothing, bonfires on beaches, making memories  & being on the road; in no particular order!

If you would like to know more, have a question for me or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact me.