Shikha & Bobby

Beautiful day + gorgeous skies + happy couple = Happy us = Happy pictures!

I normally urge all my clients to make sure they take just a little bit of time out during their maddening wedding day to take some pictures away from the ceremonies and the crowd; as hard as it may seem at the time; just a wee bit of planning early on (and some minor nagging from me as a side dish) and I promise to deliver something they won’t regret. Of course this is not always feasible; which is when we plan the couple shoot on a totally different day.

These images were shot just before Shikha & Bobby’s Church Ceremony; we had a window of just about one hour between the time they got ready and before the ceremony was to officially begin. I’ve got to say this, most times, the willingness of the couple to take that little bit of time out for this goes a long way in creating timeless memories.



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