Sowmya & Akshay

Sowyma & Akshay, two of the sweetest people ever and even sweeter together. They were so in love; and the joy on their faces for tying the knot was so visible and so real. There was a moment after the formal ceremonies were over when I took them aside for a quick couple portrait session; and Sowmya was so overwhelmed at one point she couldn’t hold back those happy tears. These are the moments that I absolutely love during any wedding. Pure, raw emotion.

The wedding itself was a sweet, simple Tam-Bram affair in Chennai.

Fun fact from this wedding: Sowmya & Akshay both are settled in the US and flew in just a few days before their wedding. In the entire process of planning their wedding long-distance,; for about 300 guests; they had both managed to build a team of close to ten photographers and video people.

Here’s my take on their big day.  



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