Tanya & Akshay


This wedding was extra special for me since i’ve known Tanya personally for about 8 years myself. She used to be the little baby of our group & it’s been wonderful to see her get married to her long time love of 10 years, Akshay, and an absolute pleasure and honour to be able to capture these memories for her & her amazing family.

Tanya and her  entire family were very warm and made me feel so at home, it was tough saying goodbye!! 

This gorgeous couple made my work so much easier giving me all the more time for mad wedding shenanigans. You can see me and my team chugging a shot somewhere as well, while the bridal party insisted on getting a picture of us.:)

Tanya & Akshay, here’s wishing you both all the best & loads of love!

I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed creating them.


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