Vaijayanti and her team did an amazing job capturing different moments from our wedding weekend. We love your passion and personality (not just me, everyone at the wedding thought you guys were great).

Thanks for being patient with us and accommodating all our needs. The photographs are amazing and now that the wedding is over all we have left from the weekend are the memories and her incredible photos.




Vaijayanti was such a pleasure to work with! She is really warm and approachable and is always open to your ideas.

She has an amazing eye for detail and has captured some of the best moments at my wedding! Her pictures bring an involuntarily smile to my face and help me relive the whole experience each time I look at them. Thank you for the memories of a lifetime Vaijayanti.  




Vaijayanti is one of those rare people who likes to abandon traditional photography and instead captures weddings behind a candid lens (her vision).

She doesn’t just help you remember the gorgeous material nuances of your wedding – the dress, jewellery, makeup, ect, but she shows you the invaluable beauty that is the love in your eyes or that stolen moment between a couple, the electricity in the air around all the new relationships in the family, and in my case – my husband climbing up a ladder, while I chase after him and my father in law sweeping up the mess with a mob behind. It defined our wedding, which was small, beautiful, a little messy but just perfect.

It makes me want to get married all over again, but thankfully, the pictures help me relive the moments in the most romanticised way possible;)

Thank you Vaijayanti, for bringing that spark of creativity into our wedding, amongst other things.




“In my life, Vaijayanti Varma plays the role not just of a special friend but also of my favorite wedding photographer now.:)

When I look at my album today, I am very thankful that I chose her to shoot my wedding.
Her technical skills as photographer; her ability to capture moments are so good irrespective of the lighting, space availability & other technicalities that go against delivering high picture quality. She isn’t one of those photographers who demands. She delivers.

She also has a knack to capture moments so beautifully that ‘reel’ almost feels ‘real’! The shots are so candid and extremely well thought out.
The biggest reason is that before being a photographer, she is a wonderful & giving human being – she takes all the care possible to go out of her way to understand the person, their needs & exactly what they have in mind for their wedding pictures, instead of imposing her way on the client. At the end of the day she’s happy to make you happy! And that for us was the best thing possible because what we got was better than what we thought! She wasn’t demanding or pricy & didn’t show the slightest bit of tire despite the back to back events.

I feel extremely lucky, happy & grateful that I made this choice. I would say you do too. In fact, my family, friends & almost everyone who has seen my wedding pictures would say that too! I know how special weddings are & what they mean and I wouldn’t be lying if I said she was one of the best choices for your wedding!



IMG_7375 2“Photography is an art of observation, it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”

That, to me, is the perfect description of Vaijayanti’s photography.

A girls wedding day is a special day she will always remember and Vaijayanti does a brilliant job at capturing those perfect special moments in the photographs she takes that you will definitely treasure for life.

She did a remarkable job with our wedding photography and thanks to her we didn’t need paintings to fill our home’s walls, as we had so many wonderful moments that she had captured, which have now become memories on our walls.

Thank you so much! Wishing you all the very best!




“A part of me goes back every time I flip through my wedding album. Vaijayanti has captured the most silent and poignant moments forever!
Her pictures speak a thousand words, but leave me speechless.

She knows how exactly to capture an ordinary moment and give it an artistic flare and the magical touch.
I really appreciate her professionalism and THIS includes how her personality puts everyone at ease.

‘Thank you’ would jus be a word to say but you actually stole my heart my by your unique shots which speak the tale of my big day and well, you have just nailed it!

Heaps of good luck & success!
❤️ “